Agent’s Website

Transparent Service Plan

& Video Guide


Agent’s Website

Transparent Service Plan

& Video Guide

Agent Service Plan

“Service First” is

more than just a motto.

Here’s your delivery channel.



Great brands have a distinctive, memorable identity, a [service] that makes people feel or look better, and a strong but comfortable delivery channel.    

Jamie Shennon – Starbucks Board Member

AI-powered. Video-Guided.

Standardize your service offering.

Built-in compliance & risk management.

Are you an Agent?

Curious about how to deliver higher dollar value to your clients?  Agent Plans ➤

Are you an Agent?

Curious about how to deliver higher dollar value to your clients?  Agent Plans ➤

What’s Inside Agent’s Video Guide

Agent’s Transparent

Service Plan

Proof of your value

Deliver service they can see. Easy-to-use, your Agent’s Service Plan is customized in seconds per client’s needs. Videos, client messaging and progress bar.

Agent’s Sales &

Negotiating Guide

Systematic sales & negotiating

Systematically level up your sales & negotiating savvy. Improve conversion from first contact to close. This Guide has it all: scripts, strategies, & tips.

Purchase Agreement

& Term Sheet Expertise

The Negotiator’s treasure trove


The California Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) has over 50 negotiable terms! RPA with Term Sheet Expertise, a potent pair in one Guide.

Agent’s Listing

Lead Service

Hot-spot sellers first

Zippy Lists logo

Sold separately

1000’s of premium contacts. It’s fast & it’s simple. Make a market hot-spot list in seconds. Google Maps & Sheets you already know so, you’re good-to-go.


Referral Network

4 streams of new business

Here’s where you gain up to four new streams of referrals and Home To Home can help. One click, you’re notified. New referrals have your Service Plan.

Plus Tools

For each of your Clients

Tool Wheel: 18 Tools

Keep your Client  working with you & keep the deal moving forward. When clients face tough high-cost decisions, these can help. 


is the Art & Science of Negotiating

Strong Negotiators are a Bargain

Features & Benefits

Timely Knowledge is power

Fast answers. Pinpoint accuracy.

Search 100’s of precise videos down to the word!

The Answer to fine print

A Negotiator’s Treasure Trove

With Term Sheet Expertise, the Residential Purchase Agreement, decoded into one simple Video Guide.

Asked & Answered

Direct-message your clients inside their Agent Service Plan.

Here, it’s much easier to be accurate & stay timely.

Direct message in Agent's Service Plan

Complex comparisons simply put

Here are some tools

When clients face complex or costly choices, home & money scenarios can help keep the deal moving forward.

Tool Wheel: 18 Tools

Deals can fall Apart

Keep your Clients informed

Don't fall for anything less than transparency

What Monkey Business?

Tools, Tips & Cautionary Tales

A big pile of money is on the table. Large chunks of cash are made or lost.

Homeowner Premium Edition

Monkey Business

Negotiate systematically

Agent’s Negotiating Guide

The difference between

making significant amounts of money

or losing it, comes down to negotiating.

2 agents in every negotiation

Be the Winning Agent

Agents’ skills vary widely-and so will your price. 6 Key Agent Qualities impact that price.

* National Association of Realtors (NAR) – 81% of agent have been licensed less than 3 years.

Here, we find new clients for you.

The Proof with the Promise

“74% of people say they would use their real estate agent again, but only 26% do.”

National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Checklist builds a bridge of trust

Your visible advantage

Show first-class service, compliance & risk management.

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