FAQ for Agent Services

Some illuminating questions to help set your bearings
Can I change my membership level up or down?

Yes, you’re free to change your membership level at any time. Your billing occurs once a month based on your sign-up. Changing membership levels effects the following:

  • Monthly membership dues,
  • Number of HomeToHomes creation limit,
  • Number of zip codes where your profile appears,
  • Number of lenders you may connect with for recommendations.
What kinds of leads or referrals can I get?

There are a number of ways and types of leads you may receive. 

  • Receive leads from your social media pages and website,
  • Receive professional recommendations,
  • Receive past client referrals,
  • and receive new referrals from our search engine.
What is Agent Ambassador?

Primarily, Agent Ambassador is a professional level complete collaborative service system so that you can visibly deliver more value to your clients. Agents use Home To Home transparently with clients. You create Home To Homes for your clients. Each one, branded to you contains your Agent Service Plan and Agent Profile. Home To Home also contains 18 collaborative tools to help your client.

It is also a referral network and a negotiating system.

Great service and performance are rewarded. Service and performance are so important to your clients. So, Agent Ambassador helps you to promote that distinction so you can attract future clients. Enter the Ambassador Referral Network. Our referral network recognizes and rewards better service and better performance.

Agent Ambassador offers a way to customize and deliver an agent’s branded service. (Your Service Plan is like the DNA of your business). What you do for your client and how you do it is where your brand lives.

How do I receive my referrals?

Receive your referrals automatically in your Agent Ambassador Console. A Home to Home branded to you will be emailed to your new client. An email sent to you with their contact information, including their zip code of interest. Your Console shows your new client, and you will also receive an email with your new client’s contact info. 

Your Service Plan is another way for you to communicate with new clients because it has built-in messaging. Your console will show new message notifications and all new leads not yet opened.

Is Agent Ambassador a transaction system or a CRM system?

It is neither. Agent Ambassador is the Service System for professionals and their clients. CRM’s and Transaction Systems primarily “agent facing” and serve the broker. Agent Ambassador serves the relationship between agent and client. That is why it is a professional collaborative client service system and a referral system.

Agents create a branded Home To Home Guide for their client. You don’t need a CRM or a transaction system to use it.  Agent Ambassador is also a lead and referral system. Your agent profile is displayed publicly. Also Agent Ambassador delivers automated leads and referrals to you. Past clients, professional recommendations, public referrals from listing your profile, and your own home to home link from your social media pages. These are all sources for your business as an Agent Ambassador member.

Can I just use the Service Plan one time only?

Yes, of course. The best and lowest cost way to do this is to sign up for the Silver Agent Ambassador. Create your Service Plan with your client until the completion of your client service. Then cancel your account. 

If you decide to keep your account longer, you receive the following additional benefits that can grow more valuable to your business:

Your professional public profile may turn out referrals for you from our public agent search engine.. 

You can raise your rank in the search results through usage. Higher ranking may increase your probability for more referrals.

  • The more Service Plans you commit and complete with clients, the higher your service rating. 
  • The more satisfaction returned from your clients through the plan the higher your satisfaction rating.
What’s the difference between that free version and a paid version of Agent Ambassador?

Within free version (Agent Community level), you may create a profile public that is listed in our public Agent Search. You also receive a Home To Home as your clients may see it. An example Agent Service Plan and Lender Finance Plan will be visible but inactive. Also included is the HomeToHome Tool Box of 18 collaborative tools that clients may use with their agent and lender. 

Only a member Agent Ambassador may activate the Service Plan for his client. Agent Ambassadors (paid version) are eligible to receive leads, recommendations and referrals. To further your business, you may create and build an online reputation based on levels of service and negotiating.

Is Zippy Lists just used for calling and emailing to find leads?

Zippy Lists does that and more. As a data intensive resource that includes daily marketing intelligence, there are a number of ways to use Zippy Lists to create custom prospect lists beyond calling and emailing. Social media, open houses, identifying likely properties, professional affiliate referrals, to reach out to the highest likely prospects is what Zippy less excels at.

Why are scripts so important for real estate agents?

When we say “scripts”, most of us conjure up an image of feeling trapped by a  telemarketer reading lines from a page. It’s true this is a common method but also creates a common misconception about their value. Using scripts effectively enables two minds to quickly lock on to a conversation flow.

Simply put, scripts increase a sales professional’s income by increasing conversion rates. For this reason, scripts have been used in sales for a long time. They’ve become a part of every professional’s tool chest because they increase conversions.

However, what most of us don’t realize is that scripting, like conversation, is as much about what you hear than what you say. Scripts help two people to understand each other’s aims more effectively. Scripts help to effectively achieve alignment. 

Some sales professionals use scripts verbatim until the words become their own. In real estate, this is a common practice. That’s because there are so many scripts and situations that arise that can make or break your own success. That’s why there are books of scripts, countless PDF’s, coaches and training courses for using scripts….

…before Zippy Scripts came along, that is.

What if the zip code I want is not available ?

If a zip code you want is not available you can be wait-listed. This means that when an opening comes up, you will be emailed. If you respond, you can claim the zip code. If not, it goes to the next agent in line.

What is Zippy Scripts?

Performance is what HomeToHome Systems is all about and Zippy Scripts is the latest edition to your performance platform. We appreciate that to deliver top level service and performance to your clients, agents require a scripts solution that goes far beyond what is available today. 

You need the scripts in one place and you need them fast. 

There is no time to waste rehearsing and memorizing scripts when you’ve got a client to serve and a business to run. You need a library of scripts, organized for real estate agents, in one place and you need them fast. 

Zippy Scripts is the first real estate scripts application, organized for zippy retrieval.

What Agents really wanted was for us to create the very best scripts application, systemized for real estate agents. We assembled, composed, and tested the very best collection of key scripts that would increase an agent’s performance. Organization and speed of retrieval was also paramount design criteria. 

Our scripts research and development continues with some exciting break-throughs for our members.


Why are there only 9 agent limits for a Zippy Lists zip code?

Providing great service to your clients certainly doesn’t begin with saturating your market with too many other agents competing to reach the same people at the same time. Sound familiar? Those types of products are not for Zippy. The magic number here is, you guessed it, 9. Please do not lament if your zip code is currently fully subscribed. You can be wait-listed – first come, first serve.

Why is Zippy Scripts a scripted sales system?

A Perfect Match

Zippy Scripts is more than a complete collection of well-organized scripts. It’s the first scripted sales system for real estate. Zippy Scripts aligns, stage for stage, with your Agent Service Plan inside your client’s HomeToHome. So your scripts accompany every stage of your client’s experience, with your transparent agent checklist. What you say that converts pairs with what you do to serve.

Why is Zippy Lists inexpensive compared to similar products?

Staying in business can sometimes be challenging. Nearly every real estate agent requires a consistent low cost source of leads. 

We took this sentiment to heart when we created a new class of product. Rather than bundling the most prized part, Lead Generation, with yet another colossal CRM with a big price tag, we took a different approach. 

Taking a page from the “pizza by the slice” and the “bottomless soda cup” play book, you pay for just the zip codes you want. With each zip code, you get all the data and intelligence daily that we could muster (all the toppings). As the market fluctuates or your business grows, delete or add more slices of Zippy Lists. Zippy Lists is a self-contained set of prospects lists, big data contact lists, and daily market updates.

How is it possible to use scripts for negotiations?

Savvy Negotiator Scripts & Science

Traditionally scripts have been created to get the point quickly for cold or warm lead conversion, or as objection handlers for helping clients overcome their concerns. These are essential and of course, Zippy Scripts has them. The high value that an agent delivers to their clients is negotiating successfully for big dollars.

If you set out to make the very best script application to include negotiation, then breakthroughs in cognitive science and principles of behavioral economics must be considered. Consider them, we did. We’ve included a groundbreaking library of science-based scripts we call “The Savvy Negotiator”. We are hopeful that the world will come to know the extraordinary value an agent may bring as a negotiator.

Does Zippy Lists work with my CRM?

Yes it does. All CRM’s support importing contacts by CSV file and Zippy will export for you. Zippy Lists actively updates each day with fresh opportunities and fresh data. Use Zippy Lists to harvest those leads that show promise. Download them from zippy lists into your CRM to nurture as you see fit.

How does Zippy Scripts use AI?

AI evolution of the spoken word. Scripts that learn.

When delivering scripts, it’s paramount to your success that your mind is properly primed. To prime your mind, you can:

  • read a script,
  • say a script,
  • and practice a scripted dialogue.

What can artificial intelligence possibly add to this distinctly human endeavor? In our brains, the neural pathways for language are different for listening than they are from reading. Now you’re prepped in more ways as use yours as scripts.

Our first release of Zippy Scripts AI includes our patent pending AI multi-voice feature.

Pop in your earbuds, call up a Zippy Script and now you really can hear voices in your head. Pick your scripts and play them as conversations in AI natural language voices that you select.

The notion of artificial intelligence may cause us to scoff, but we mustn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. One of the most broadly accepted uses of AI today is natural language; machines that learn to speak more naturally and to understand what you’re asking of them.

Today, natural language AI is improving at an unprecedented feverish pace. Think Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. How can you take advantage of this technology revolution? Zippy Scripts is the one real estate agent’s application that puts this tech right where you need it.

What happens if I cancel a zip code that I already have?

If you cancel a Zippy Lists zip code that you already have, you retire your slot and your lists. Your slot becomes available on the open market again unless agents are wait-listed. Wait-listing takes precedence on a first come, first serve basis. If you later change your mind and you want to reacquire your zip code, then you may be wait-listed.

Can Zippy Scripts be used for coaching?

Yes, Zippy Scripts makes an excellent coaching or training tool. You may work with your coach, or you may self-coach by choosing a role (agent, client, opponent agent) and listening to the other party while you respond. If you like, train with a partner. Call your partner from your phone while using Zippy Scripts.

How do I use Zippy Lists in social media?

This is an important question. Zippy Lists has a utility to build very large hyperlocal lists that you can use to create a Facebook or Instagram custom audience (for example). Not only can you target your prospects narrowly, you can focus your messaging too.

We define high conversion by specificity of message with correctly targeted prospects.  In other words, more leads. If you haven’t discovered Agent Ambassador’s social media lead system, it’s worth checking out. It’s a great complement.

As a new Agent Ambassador member, do I have to create my own Service Plan?

No, you do not. When you sign up, Agent Ambassador comes fully loaded and ready to go. Your Agent Service Plan standard template of over 550 items to cover a wide range of clients’ needs. This Plan Template is called your Master Plan. Customize it over time to reflect your service brand.

What will the 9 agents in my zip code have as an advantage?

Having Zippy Lists to cover real estate in your neighborhood is a bit like having a GPS when nobody else does. You know where you’re likely to find your new business. It’s a great advantage. Zippy Lists combines daily market intel also so you can be on point every day in your all important conversations.

How do I get started using my Service Plan with my prospects and clients?

Each HomeToHome that you create for your client is branded with your Agent Service Plan and your Agent Profile. Agent Ambassador comes with a Master template Service Plan so you don’t need to do anything right away. To create a HomeToHome with your Service Plan:

Fill out the form on your Agent Console with your client’s information (name, email, phone, zip code of interest) and click “Create”.

That’s it. Within a few seconds, your client’s HomeToHome is sent to their inbox and their Service Plan appears in your console.

How many Zippy Lists zip codes can I have active at one time?

You may own only one of the 9 slots for any given zip code. You may also own multiple zip codes, but only one of the 9 slots in each. In other words, we do not permit an agent to “buy out” all the slots in a zip code. Though we do not enforce a limit on the number of zip codes an agent can own, we respectfully ask that you limit the number to 9 per agent.

Is Agent Ambassador compliant with the State Department of Real Estate?

Yes, the standard Service Plan is in compliance. Agents and brokers may use the Agent Service Plan to help maintain compliance with each transaction.

How do I customize my Service Plan the way that I want it?

Every HomeToHome that you create for your clients includes a copy of your Service Plan.  Your Master Service Plan is copied for each client’s Service Plan. When you modify your Master Plan, all your future Service Plans contain the modified Master.

You can freely add, delete, or hide any item in your client’s Service Plan (the copy) as you work with them. Over time, you may wish to add or remove items in your Master Plan. Many agents prefer to add items specific to their branded service into their Master Plan. They may first add items to a client’s plan before updating their Master Plan for all future clients.

How many ways can I brand my HomeToHome?

By far, the most important way to brand your HomeToHome is by customizing your Agent Service Plan. Think of your Service Plan as your brand’s DNA. Many agents prefer to hide proprietary portions of their Service Plan. Only when they are working with their client do they reveal these portions on an “as needed basis”. 

Your Agent Profile is the second way. As with most profiles, simply fill out your form with your current business information. These fields make it easy for your clients to contact you in the way that best suits. Whenever they sign in to their branded HomeToHome, they see your profile. Also, all of you past clients’ HomeToHomes have your updated profile. It’s automatic.

The third way is Agent Search. Make your profile visible on our public search engine so that new prospects can find you easily. Your profile is placed in the zip code(s) that you wish to service. When a prospect selects your profile, a HomeToHome is created, branded and connected to you exclusively.

The final way you brand is by your Price Play strategies that you have. Whether you have published or purchased Price Plays, your prospective clients will want to know about your negotiating savvy.

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