Price Plays™  Agent Ambassador edition

Playbook of negotiating strategies

Do you know the ABC’s of Negotiating?

Art, Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Science

Price Plays has codified real estate negotiation into 3 Stages of bite-sized strategies.

Savvy Negotiators set new market values.

Art of Negotiation
Art of Negotiation
Negotiating Strategies
Negotiating Strategies
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science

Negotiate in 3 Stages : Save $1,000’s to $10,000’s at each stage.

The better you negotiate at each stage, the higher your client’s final negotiated profit.


Select your stage

Price Plays has 3 stages. Select your stage. Match strategies to your situation.

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  • Stage 1: SELECT AGENT

    Your negotiating acumen affects all stages and the home's final price.

  • Stage 2: IN THE MARKET

    Work with your client to align them to the market.

  • Stage 3: CLOSE THE DEAL

    Agents on both sides must negotiate final terms.

*Price Plays combines science and art. The science of human behavioral economics helps us to understand the universal principles at play. The art of complex sales and negotiations helps us to apply them in one-on-one scenarios.

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