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Choose the best agent. Make more money. Save more money.

For Agents & Their Clients

The Savvy Real Estate Negotiator

NEW Vital Guides & Checklists

For Agents & Their Clients

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The Savvy Real Estate Negotiator

NEW Vital Guides & Checklists

First & Only

Choose the best agent. Make more money when you sell. Save more money when you buy.

It’s a new world. Agents need a transparent checklist!

In an operating room, playing the Superbowl, flying a plane – checklists are there.

Surgeon's Checklist in Operating Room
Head Football Coach KC with Checklists
Quarterback 49ers with Checklist
Pilot with Flight Checklists

Need to Know

It’s high stakes. Small choices carry large costs.

Collaborative Wisdom

Guides and transparent checklists are vital. When stakes are high, having a proven course of action is imperative to make quality choices.

Risky Business

Fact. The complexity of buying or selling a home grows each year. Training of agents has fallen dangerously behind. Clients’ money gets left on the table every day.

No Shortcuts

Residential real estate is a $1.5 Trillion market. Resist tempting discounts or “one-click” services. There is no shortcut to contract, negotiate, and service a client.

High Stakes

Price Plays™

Art & Science of Influencing Home Price

3 Stages of Negotiating

A well-executed negotiation can put you way ahead, financially.

Would you really?

It’s your money and it’s high stakes.

You wouldn’t pay an airline $520 whose pilots refuse to use flight safety checklists. That’s crazy!

Then, would you pay $52,000* to a real estate agent who doesn’t use a 2-way checklist? Or who doesn’t have a playbook of strategies to help you win – risking your financial future?

See what you’re paying for.

*Average commission to sell $1M home.

no monkey business
Monkey Business

There’s a lot of monkey business in real estate. That’s why I use HomeToHome.

For example, to sell your home for the most money

follow 2 simple rules : 


Transparent Checklists

Agents use their checklists (Service Plan) to demonstrate and deliver their value to you. Use the agent’s Service Plan to choose the most capable one. 

When selling, your equity is under attack. Use your HomeToHome’s Guide to understand how your agent will protect it.

Simply follow your progress bar, or click to look deeper.

Service Plan in progress for Seller

What your Agent does. See an example Agent Service Plan.

Bridge the Trust Chasm
HomeToHome-Real Estate Tool

Watch & follow your agent. Leave comments or ask questions.

Are you a Savvy Agent looking for a better way?

Tired of getting lumped into the box with the monkeys? Benchmark your brand when you deliver measurable value. 

Agent AQ™  The Biggest Public Agent Search

Choose your top performing agent

Over 1.5 Million licensed agents & lenders

Real Estate’s Definitive System

It’s your money. Don’t overpay or undersell. Use your HomeToHome with your agent to get your best results.

With HomeToHome, follow your agent’s & lender’s transparent, two-way professional Service Plans.


  • Personalized for you
  • Customized with your Zip Code
  • Price Negotiator: 3 Stages of strategies & tactics
  • 9 Complete Buy & Sell Guides
  • 18 Tools to help you save money at each stage
  • Agent Sponsor and Service Plan: To answer your real estate questions
  • Lender Sponsor and Finance Plan: To answer your finance questions
  • 2-Way Professional Service Plans: 450+ items in each
  • Help Guides and videos: over 400 color slides at your fingertips
  • A Collaboration Console: Track progress and communicate with agent / lender

Negotiate by Stages

As agents systematically builds leverage in 3 stages, they negotiate clients’ price – one strategy at a time. They use Price Plays as a source of strategies.

Use HomeToHome‘s Playbook of Price Plays and save $1000’s to 10’s of thousands

New! Inside every HomeToHome

Price Plays™ : Art & Science of Negotiating

Price Plays has codified real estate negotiation, into 3 Stages of bite-sized strategies.
Negotiating Scenarios
Negotiating Scenarios
Negotiating Strategies
Negotiating Strategies
Art of Negotiation
Art of Negotiation
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science
Decision Formulas
Decision Formulas
Personal Toolbox
Personal Toolbox
Strong Negotiators are a Bargain