Get and Receive Professional Recommendations

Build Your Ambassador Network


You can receive recommendations from your Lender when they create HomeToHomes for their clients and choose you as the designated agent.

As an Agent, you will want to create a network with available Lenders so that you can offer a better experience to your Clients by designating a lender in your Ambassador Network. In order to do so, you can search for Lenders or invite Lenders that you already collaborate with.

You have many convenient ways to add Lenders to your Ambassador Network.

Search Lenders here (2) by Zip Code and Name

Search for Lender

Directly add member Lenders here using their email

From your “My Profile” page

Sign in to your Agent Ambassador membership account which directs you to your HomeToHome Console. Navigate to “My Profile” from the main menu (1) and scroll down to “Lender Ambassador Network”. Here, you may enter your (member) Lender’s email address. If you do not see their address, you may conduct a broader search here: (2) “Build Your Lender Ambassador Network”. Here, you can search for Lenders within our database.

It is better for you to first search using your Lender’s email within our network to see if that Lender is already a member. Alternatively, you can invite a non-member yourself.

Search for Lenders in our Lender AQ Search Engine

Farm Zip Code

You may search for a Lender by your Farm Zip Code (with or without the Lender’s name) or by the Lender’s email address, if you already have that. 

Type in a zip code without typing a Lender’s name and then click “Search”.

On the Lender Search Results page, you will see a list of Lenders that are either Members and Non-Members.

Review Your Search Results

On the Lender Search Results page, you will see a list of Lenders that are either Members and Non-Members.

Take a Look at Each Lender’s Profile

On the Lender Search Results page, you will see a list of Lenders that are either Members and Non-Members.

Member Lenders will have their custom Finance Plan (similiar to your Service Plan), as well as their Bio and other salient elements to help to choose.

Click to Send an Invite

You can send an invitation to a Lender yourself to invite them to your Lender Ambassador Network.

Search by Lender Name and Zip Code

If you already know the Lender’s name, you can search by name and zip code combined.

When you click on one of the Lender’s in the Results Page, you will be taken to the Lender’s Public Profile Page. You can see the Service Plans and the details related to that Lender.

Click to Send an Invite

Lender’s Email Address

Returning to the Search page, you may search by the Lender’s email.

Type in the email address of your Lender. As you can see, the Farm Zip Code and Lender’s Name will be removed. Then click Search and you will be taken to the Results Page.

Lender Search by Email

Notify my Lender Directly

In case you cannot find what you’re looking for, you can notify the Lender directly with an email.

Click on the button “Notify my Lender directly” at the bottom of any search results page.

Notify My Lender Directly

Notify Your Lender form

Just type in the Lender’s email address, Lender’s name and your message. You can use the template available or you can customize it. Then click “Send”. The email will be sent to Lender’s inbox.

Notify My Lender Directly

Verify your New Lender Network member.

To verify acceptance of any Lender you have invited to your Network, return to your My Home page. From within your Client Database Console, you can verify your new lender is ready to work with you. 

Inside your “Create New HomeToHome” form, select the Lender Ambassador dropdown menu. See your Lender’s email? They are ready to be included in your next HomeToHome.

If you don’t see them, reach out to them. They may not have accepted yet.

Verify Your New Lender