How to Create Your Client's HomeToHome

Create Your Branded HomeToHomes

Introduction: Create your Branded HomeToHome Website in Seconds

Creating a new HomeToHome for your client is easy using your HomeToHome Console. While logged in as an Agent, you can expand the “Client Database” panel. “At a Glance”, you have all the important details regarding your existing HomeToHomes. 

Create a Client’s HomeToHome in seconds

Create a new HomeToHome using the “Add New” creation Form on the right side. Here, fill in the information regarding the new client: Name, Client Email, Zip Code of Interest, and Client Phone Number. You can see by this red asterisk that all these fields are mandatory so you need to fill these out. Click “Create New”.

See the New HomeToHome in your Console

This creates a new HomeToHome for your client or prospect and also a new entry within your Client Console. It takes a few seconds for the HomeToHome to be created.

Then a new entry will be added to your dashboard and will be already selected. Returning once again to “At A Glance”, New Leads has now been incremented by “1”.

You may select any one of the 4 “At A Glance” buttons (as labelled in the adjacent figure) to show only specific clients your Table of Clients below.

Above your Client Console is the new client’s Service Plan, made from a copy of your Master Service Plan.

Your Client receives their HomeToHome invite

Your client will receive an email invitation for their HomeToHome in order for him or her to set their account.