How to Reset Your Password

Forgot Your Password?


In case you have an account registered and unfortunately you forgot your password, we can help you get it back or give you a link to create a new one. From the main menu, go to the Login page. You’re going to have the option “Lost Your Password”.

Lost Your Password

Send Password Hint

By clicking on it, you will be presented with a new page that’s going to help you either send a password hint or get a new password. Enter your email and then click on “Send Password Hint” since you’re going to try to remember the password that you first created.

Password Hint

Email for Password Hint

Once you’ve chosen this option the button will disappear from view. Go to your inbox and wait for the password hint to be resent. The email was sent and then scroll down to see your password hint which was “demo”.

Password Hint

Get New Password

In case this was unhelpful, just create a new password altogether. Click on “Get New Password” and see a confirmation. Wait for a couple of seconds for the email to be sent to your account.

Set New Password

Reset Password Email

You will be presented with an email with data regarding your user account. Click on ”Reset Password” and it’s going to take you to a new page where you can fill in a brand new password. Make sure your password is a strong one but in case you just want to have a weak one you can just click “Confirm Use of Weak Password” which we do not recommend.

Reset Password Email

Verify Password Reset

By clicking on “Reset Password”, your new password will be set. Click Login, put in the username or email and the new password. Clicking Login, validate whether your password was reset or not. The password is successfully updated. And now the Console page is being loaded.