Get Your Agent's HomeToHome

How To Get Your Agent’s Or Lender’s HomeToHome


We have seen how easy it is for an agent to create a new HomeToHome. But what about the client? What will the clients see once the agent creates a new HomeToHome? As you can see, I have an email opened and one of the emails that were sent to me by HomeToHome.

received H2H email

Check your email inbox

Verify Password Reset

By clicking on “Reset Password”, your new password will be set. Click Login, put in the username or email and the new password. Clicking Login, validate whether your password was reset or not. As you can see, the password was successfully updated. And now the “My Home”  page is being loaded.

Welcome email for HomeToHome

We strongly advise you to set a strong password but if you choose not to, you’re going to have the option to “Confirm Use Of Weak Password”. Now that I have that set, I can just login. I’m going to copy my email enter the password that I just set, and click “Login”.

Strong Password

As you can see, I’m taken to the Profile page where I can fill in information about myself. A couple of fields are already filled in for me since the agent created my HomeToHome.

Set up Your Profile

We click on “Next” and then I have the second page of the profile where I can select things that I’m interested in.

Tailor Your HomeToHome Profile

For example, I am interested in “Selling My Home”. I would like to “Receive Information About Pre-Market Properties”. I would like to “Pre-Market My Home”. How about telling how I heard about HomeToHome? I’m going to select “My Agent Uses It”. Now, I’m going to click “Submit”.

Once you’ve clicked submit, please do not refresh or go back in your browser because right now we are creating your HomeToHome personal website and account. Your console page will be displayed shortly.