How to Gift a Friend

How To Gift A Friend With A HomeToHome


We’re hoping that you, as a client, will have a very pleasant experience using our application. If you would like to spread the news and maybe give a friend of yours the same configuration with an agent or lender, you can do this through our application.

Go to GiftAFriend

While logged in as a Client, you can go directly to your GiftAFriend page from the main menu. 

Select Gift A Friend

…or Find GiftAFriend in your Toolkit or your Tookbox

While logged in as a Client, go into the Console menu item If i hover over Toolkits, I will find “The Tool Box” as the last menu.

Open HomeToHome's Toolbox

You’re going to see the GiftAFriend tool after you enter into The Tool Box Menu. You need to click on “All Tools”.

Select All Tools on Toolbox Page

After Clicking on “All Tools” and scrolling to the end, you’ll see “Share your Success”. Here is GiftAFriend.

Select GiftAFriend Tool from Toolbox

GiftAFriend in Less than a Minute

We’re going to be taken to the GiftAFriend page.

We already have information regarding the HomeToHome that we have been using with our Agent or Lender. For example, my sponsoring agent is James Junior Bond.

And since I have had a very pleasant experience with this agent, I would like to share this with a friend so that they can have the same agent. You’re going to email your friend with your HomeToHome, recommending your agent by filling in one of these forms.

Recommend your Agent or Lender with a HomeToHome

Fill in the Name (first and last), Email, and also the Zip Code of Interest. Als , fill in your friend’s Phone Number over here. We have a radio button to choose whether you want to recommend the Agent or the Lender.

Click “Send”; an email will be sent to your friend’s inbox telling them about this application. We would really appreciate it if you would share your success with your friends.

Recommend Agent/Lender via GiftAFriend to your Friend

What your Friend Receives

If I go to my friend’s inbox (that I have just opened here), an email has been sent. You see complete information related to who sent the invite and also information related to our application. If your friend decides to click on “Get My Free HomeToHome”, they would already have one HomeToHome with the Agent that I just recommended.

It is the same thing with the Lender. If I would choose to send a HomeToHome invite via GiftAFriend, then I would recommend the Lender.

Your Friend Receives this message