Working with Your Assistant

Open and Use Your Client’s Service Plan


It often happens within the real estate business that more than one person may work closely on the same plan. It may your assistant or a new agent that you are training.

It may be that you are receiving training from a senior agent. Another important scenario is when you collaborate closely with your preferred Lender.

Here you will be shown how easy it is to do all of these with your system.

Old Way

If for example, you want to work in close collaboration with your assistant, you’ll want to set up a meeting to discuss what’s coming up next, and what are the items that need to be taken care of. Maybe you’ll write it on a piece of paper that you might lose and then you would have to redo that meeting.

Fortunately, Ambassador Systems offers three very nice features that would really help you work in close collaboration with your assistant and/or Lender.

In the Client Database Console, you will see your selected HomeToHome entries ( Client and Lender ). When you scroll above, you will see the selected Client’s Service Plan.

The “Open Plan” Button

It is important to know which Service Plan you are in.

  1. Select a Client Name from the Table.
  2. Then click the Open Plan button. The Service Plan for that specific Client will be loaded.
Open Client Plan
Hover Options

Quickly Track and Navigate Your Client’s Plan with Your Pipeline

At the top of your Client Console is the Pipeline for the currently opened Client Service Plan. Select any stage of the Pipeline to quickly open the corresponding Plan’s Panel with the same name.

The Pipeline is very handy for you and your client to quickly assess progress. As you check off tasks, each stage changes color from Blue to Orange to Green.

Navigation Pipeline

Each one of your Service Plans may be customized so it can fit you and your Client’s needs. Click on one of the entries (tasks) in the Panel for it to expand and view the features. 

Hover Options

Every item in the Plan has options

When you hover over the items (tasks) you will see several options (icons):

Hide/Unhide, Edit and Delete icons

Hide/Unhide allows you to limit your Client’s view of a specific panel or item or entry. Keep items in each of your Service Plans that are for internal use only. You can see them but your clients cannot.

Edit allows you to change the name of the panel or item. Changes can be saved by pressing Enter or by closing the window or clicking outside the box (panel).

Hide Edit Delete Options

Delete an Item

Delete allows you to remove a panel or item or entry.

Children Items under Item

Clicking “Yes” when the pop-up question appears if there are child items beneath the one you wish to delete. Otherwise, Cancel if you do not want to remove it and its contents. You may wish to move out the children first.

Create a New Panel
Delete Current Item

Checkbox, Link, Text and Comment icons

Checkbox allows you to enter an item (task) where you want to see the status or progress.

Add a Comment
Add Checkbox, Link, Text, or Comment

Link allows you to add a URL to the panel or item or entry. It also has an Open Link In New Tab option the URL to open into a new tab or window.

Text allows you to insert simple text to the panel or item or entry. Use it if you want to state something or add a new panel header.

Create New Panel

At the top of the hierarchy of items is the Panel. Think of a Panel as a chapter in a book. You can also think of it as a container or file drawer filled with items that you add.

Click the “+” button above your Service Plan to add a Panel.

Create a New Panel