Protect Your Service Plan

Protect Your Service Plan form Unwanted Eyes

Public View

The Service Plan is one of the key features of our application. Also it is the best way for you to advertise your profile to clients and lenders. It is easy for you to customize this service plan. It’s important for you to create a public view of your service plan that’s available for everyone to see.

Private View Only

Also there might be some information within the plan that you would like to be private. Also there is information that you would like to share only with a couple of customers and some that you would like to have with all of the clients.

Open your Clients’ Service Plans or Master Plan Template

At the center of the console are the two buttons “Open Plan” and “Open Master Plan”. By clicking “Open Plan”, the plan of the current displayed client will be opened above the Console. You will see the client’s plan that is branded to them and your client’s name just above the plan. It’s important to know that you are working with the correct client’s Service Plan.

Open your Client’s Service Plan

If you’re on your My Home console page and logged in, you’ll see the Service Plan when you open the Console Client Database. If you scroll down and have one of the clients selected, you’re going to be able to see the Service Plan just by clicking “Open Plan”.

Open your Master Service Plan

Above, your client’s plan is displayed. The plan is created from a copy of your Master Plan. If you want to see the Master Plan, you can click on the “Open Master” plan from the Console.

The Difference between Your Master Plan and Service Plan

The Master Plan page will be displayed. This plan will be used on all your future HomeToHomes that you create. It will not affect the Service Plans that you have already created for your existing clients. 

Open Master Plan

Add and Edit Custom Features to your Master Plan

You can edit it and add custom features to it. If you would like, for example, to create a new panel that would be displayed for all of your clients, this will be visible for all of your future HomeToHomes.

Hide Some Items for Private Use Only

For example, you would like to have this panel with a couple of items. But you would like this panel item to only be seen by your clients. You will be able to hide it from unwanted eyes just by clicking on this small “eye” icon.

Make Items Invisible from your Public Profile

Now, you wish that an item within your plan is not going to be visible on your public profile. So if another lender or client just searches for your profile, they’re not going to be able to see this item that’s hidden.

The Child items below a Parent become Invisible or Visible too

This handy feature allows you to make all items in an entire panel invisible simply by making the Panel invisible. This can be a real time saver.

Hide then Reveal Items for each Client

If you want, for example, to have something added for special clients. You can also hide or unhide panels from within the Console. Open the Client Plan. Wait for the plan to load. Now, you may have only a couple of these panels displayed for your client.

Hide Items not Relevant to a Client

In another example, the client is a buyer so they will not need the seller part of your plan. Or, for example, you would like them not to see a couple of the next items. You would like to have them displayed in time. 

For example once you get through the “Contact”, “Let’s Get Started” items, you’re going to have the “Meetings” revealed. Then you’re going to discuss with your client what are his or her wishes. And you would like to roll out each of those panels one at a time.

Or maybe you would like to create a new panel only for your new clients that contains items that are always hidden from the public view of your profile. You can just unhide them for your clients only.

Hide/Unhide Individual Items Only

Also, you don’t need to hide or unhide a complete panel. For example you would like to hide only a couple of items. This goes all the way to the route. So if you want to hide a couple of entries from the lower levels you can do so. But also you can hide the complete panel.