How to Become a Member

Register for Your Membership Account

You are redirected to “About Agent Ambassador” page. In this page, You will learn more about our Agent Ambassador Products. From here I will click on “Select Your System” button.

Select a Product from the Agent Ambassador Options

You will be redirected to “Agent Ambassador Products” page. Here, there are three paid accounts that you can choose from.

Select an Ambassador System

To create a Paid Account, click “Join”. A pop-up will appear where you will fill-in Payment Option Information including First Name, Last Name, Email, Coupon Code (if any), Card Number, Expiration Date and CVC Code. Then click “Pay” (which also reflects the amount that you will be paying for). We accept Mastercard, Visa and Maestro.

Registration Form

Next, you will be directed to the Registration Form. You will fill in the information for your Membership Account including Username and Password (to be entered twice). 

Make sure the password match. Otherwise, it will show an error message. The Password Hint will be very useful in case you forget your password (the password hint will be sent in your email). The First Name, Last Name and Email has been set when you filled in during the Payment Option page.

Agent Ambassador Registration Form

Click the “I Agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” sentence for a pop-up to appear. When you click the pop-up, it will open the Ambassador Systems Term of Service in a new browser window. We strongly advise you to read through the Terms of Service before creating your account. When you are done, click the checkbox then “Submit Registration”.

Do not go back or refresh the page while your account is being setup.

Extended Profile Page

You will be directed to the Extended Profile page. Your Profile appears both in your branded HomeToHomes and your Agent Search Profile page. You may update this page any time via your Member Console page. 

Ambassador Extended Profile Form

Fill in the Phone Number, Business Name, Business Address, City, State (this has a dropdown list), Zip Code, License Number and Brokerage. Review your information then click “Next”.

In case you made a typo or would like to go back, you can click “Previous”.

In the next page of the Extended Profile, you will upload your Profile Image (you can browse and images can be adjusted accordingly, then click “Confirm”), add a Biography (for the Client to get to know you better). If you have a Website or Youtube URL, you may add these too. 

Ambassador Extended Profile

The Farm Zip Code and Lender Ambassador Network are discussed in another instruction video. 

Click “Submit” to create your Profile. Do not refresh or go back in your browser as this will interfere with the creation process.

When your profile has been created, you will receive a Welcome Message in your email account..

Building your new custom system may take up to one minute. Then you will be redirected to the HomeToHome page.

Ambassador Extended Profile and Portrait

You will see your Collaboration Console, information regarding your Account, a Platinum Member Service Plan template (as a temporary placeholder), a sample Demo Client Account and information regarding the Service Plan.

Not shown on this page, you will also have a Master Service Plan template installed ready for your customization.

Agent Ambassador Console