How to Use your Console

Tour Your Agent’s Or Lender’s Console

Log In to your Console

The HomeToHome application can offer your clients a superior experience, with both information and tools. By logging in as an Agent, you’re going to be redirected to the Console page that contains all the client information that you need.

At a Glance

By expanding the Collaboration Console, you can just click on the header and open the Dashboard. “At a Glance”, you see records of the HomeToHomes that you’ve already created. You can show only the records related to clients’ “Messages”, “New Leads”, and clients’ “What’s Next” by clicking on these buttons. Show all of your entries by clicking “All Entries”.

Create a HomeToHome

At the right side of the screen is the “Add New” HomeToHome creation form. Here, you can create a new HomeToHomes for your clients. Scrolling down, you will see the HomeToHome that is currently selected. Navigate through the list of other clients’ HomeToHomes by using the arrows on the left side.

Open your Clients’ Service Plans or Master Plan Template

At the center of the console are the two buttons “Open Plan” and “Open Master Plan”. By clicking “Open Plan”, the plan of the current displayed client will be opened below. In this lower part of the Console, you will have the client’s plan that is branded to them. You can see their name just above the plan.

Table of Clients

Also you have a table of all the entries of your clients. You can also choose each client by clicking on them in this table. You may choose, for example, to hide an entry by clicking on the Hide button next to that entry. You must be on a different entry than the one you wish to hide. You cannot hide the entry that you have already selected.

Also if you have multiple pages of clients, you can quickly browse through these pages using the forward and backward arrows located just above the table of client records.

Over in the table, there is only one entry for each of the HometoHomes created. Click “Open Plan” to view the selected client’s HomeToHome below the plan.

Your Master Service Plan

Within the Console’s dashboard, you also have the “Open Master” button. When you click on the Open Master button, you’ll be taken to your Master Service Plan that will be used for all future HomeToHomes that you create. One way to think of this Master Plan is that each new client’s Service Plan will be made from this- for each client HomeToHome that you create. You can always add to the client’s Service Plan after it has been created. You can also add or revise your Master Plan as you make changes to your business services.

Returning to the Console, scroll down to explore the other options on this HomeToHome Main page. Here you see profiles of the Agent account holder and also the Lender. When you have not yet added any Lenders to your network, a default placeholder is displayed here.   

To add new Lenders in your network, Ambassador search is displayed here. If you want to build your lender Ambassador Network, you can choose to search for new Lenders and send them an invite.