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How to Get Your Free Account

How to Register for your Free Account

Agents and Lenders may create a free new account as well as Home Buyers and Sellers. Using the registration form, add your profile to receive free publicity.

How to Become a Member

How to Become a Member

Agents and Lenders may create a low cost membership account to receive all privileges. You can choose from Gold Ambassador, Silver Ambassador and Platinum Ambassador memberships.

Create Your Professional Profile

How to Create Your Professional Profile

Once you’ve created your membership account, you can easily do so from within our application. Your profile will help you to generate new business as well as brand your HomeToHomes for existing clients and prospects.

Get and Receive Professional Recommendations

How to  Build Your Lender/Agent Network to Receive Professional Recommendations

Agents and Lenders may build their Ambassador Networks with each other. Your professional network helps clients with the option to work with professionals that you know will get the job done. It also gives you an immediate, actionable source of new business.

How to Create Your Client's HomeToHome

How to Create Your Branded Client HomeToHome

Creating a new HomeToHome for your client is easy using our Console. While logged in as an Agent, you can open the Collaboration Console, fill in the simple form, and we take care of the rest.

How to Open each Client's Service Plan

Working with Your Professional Service Plan

One of the core components of the HomeToHome application is the Service Plan. It is also the centerpiece of your business. You can easily find it by logging in as an Agent/Lender. You’re directed to the Collaboration Console. Here, select which Client you wish to work with and open their private Service Plan. 

How to Reset Your Password

Forgot Your Password?

Either use the hint you set up during registration, or request a password reset when you attempt to login.

How to Gift a Friend

How to Gift A Friend with a HomeToHome while referring your Agent or Lender

Users can share their good fortune of having worked with an excellent agent or lender. Rather than simply saying it, you may gift one HomeToHome to a friend and refer your agent or lender at the same time.

Get Your Agent's HomeToHome

When you Receive Your Agent’s or Lender’s HomeToHome

We have seen how easy it is for an agent to create a new HomeToHome. But what about the client? How do they receive their agent’s or lender’s HomeToHome? What will the client see once the agent creates a new HomeToHome?

What Your Clients See with your HomeToHome

Take a Free Test Drive – in the Client’s Seat

As a home seller or buyer, get a free HomeToHome. If you’re an Agent or Lender thinking about using HomeToHome to help your clients, you’re in luck. You may create a free new account and take a free test drive as a home buyer or seller. Add your profile to receive free publicity and possible future business.

How to Use your Console

Tour the Console

As an Agent or Lender, your Console is your one-stop interface to all of your clients, past and present, as well as any new referrals that come your way. Your Console’s simple interface lets you select a client and open their Service Plan so you can go to work or simply answer Client messages.

Protect Your Service Plan

Protect Your Service Plan from Prying Eyes

The Service Plan is the best way for you to advertise your service to clients. It’s important for you to create a public view of your service plan that’s available for everyone to see. So your Service Plan gives you what you need to hide proprietary parts of your plan so that you can share only with your clients or your assistant or lender.

Using Your Service Plan with your Assistant

How to Collaborate with Your Assistant, New Agents, and/or Lender using the Service Plan

Your Service Plan offers 3 wonderful features for you and your assistant to work together seamlessly while providing double coverage when serving your clients. It’s great for new agent training. Another feature enables you to also track closely with your client’s Lender.

Streamline Client Communication Clutter

Client Agent/Lender Communication

Having superb communication with your client leads to a superior client experience. Your most essential tool is communicating with your client through your Service Plan. Learn how to use your Collaboration Console to achieve this.

How to Customize your Service Plan's Master Template

How to Customize your Service Plan’s Master Template

Your Service Plan or Finance plan is at the core of your Professional Services offering. So you want to customize your Master Plan Template.

Get One-Click Referrals in 4 Ways

Get One-Click Client Referrals in 4 Ways

It’s because of your Service Plan, your professional reputation, and a job well done delivers dividends in new business. HomeToHome has 4 great ways with one click.

How it Works : Plan Tools

The following quick start guides are accompanied with each tool in your HomeToHome.

How it Works : Home Tools

How it Works : Loan Tools

How it Works : Wealth Tools

How it Works : Miscellaneous Tools

How it Works : Collaboration Console