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How to Buy Your Home. The Complete Guide

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Your First Home - the American Dream


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To Rent or Buy - The Complete Guide


The Guide to Sell & Buy Your Next Home

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How to Sell & Buy Your Next Home

Selling: Use Price Plays through all 3 Stages to keep the highest return on your equity.

Buying: Keep more money and pay less using Price Plays from the start.

The Complete System to Maximize Your Equity

Until now, most people didn’t consider the both the Sell & Buy transactions together. Now you have a plan, The Guide to Sell & Buy Your Next Home, and the tools to do so. Both transactions are costly and greatly impact your home equity, so you will need to take a good look. Home sellers commonly make 3 mistakes trying to save money that ends up costing them more. These costs are doubled when they buy. With HomeToHome’s tools, you are well-equipped and prepared so you won’t make the same mistakes twice.

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