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Rate This Home

Tool Box as wheel

Tool box included in HomeToHome

Easy  to use. Compare your rated homes:

  • on a map (geography & street view)
  • in a graph (sentiments),
  • in a table (specs)

Benefits of Rate This Home

Whether you’re buying or selling…

  • Keep track & more accurately rate prospective homes.
  • Use your ranking with your Market Price
  • Each rated home appears in Map Homes to give you another dimension.
  • If you’re buying a home: Rate each home to your Next Dream Home. 
  • If you’re selling a home: Rate competing homes to My Home.

Time to Rate This Home

There’s big money in rating homes more accurately

Want a recipe for failure? Look at the pictures online and then put your faith in a computer generated home value as your starting point.

With this recipe du jour, savvier sellers & buyers will clean your clock! Why is that?

The answer is simple. We do not buy our home on specs alone. We also consider sentimental value. 

Rate this Home applies a novel rating method we call Specs & Sentiments. The better you can stack rank homes, the more accurately you can align your pricing with the market.

How it Works

1. Rate this Home with your form

Rate this Home input form
Rate this Home input form

2. Rate this Home maps & presents your results

Rate This Home graphs & specs
Rate This Home graphs & specs

Rate up to 30 homes