Savvy ai

Scripted Negotiating System 

Micro-Video Guidance: Strategies, scripts & tips from First Contact to Close



Savvy Agent Negotiator

Stronger negotiators win more for their clients. Develop your skills while you learn.

Align with the Market

Optimally align your client & home to the correct Market Frame. Position for negotiating.

Negotiate Terms to Close

Systematically negotiate for the best terms. Here, Behavioral Economics is the science.

 Savvy ai™  Art & Science of Negotiating


Savvy ai has codified negotiation into bite-sized video strategies, scripts & tips.

Negotiating Strategies
Negotiating Strategies
Art of Negotiation
Art of Negotiation
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science
Negotiating Scenarios
Negotiating Scenarios

On-Demand: Earn while you Learn

Savvy AI Video Guide of strategies to negotiate more financial gain for clients

 How it Works

  1. Pick the sales stage and a scenario.
  2. Choose a strategy, script or tip.
  3. Play it. Say it.
Cognitive Science

With patented Natural language AI – scripts that play with up to 3 actors per strategy – your negotiating deepens.

It’s organized

Over 300 videos: strategies, scripts & tips

  • Savvy Negotiator strategies
  • Prospect Persuader scripts
  • Objection Handler scripts
  • Transaction Tips
  • Personal Trainer scripts

Scripts are compliant with the National Association of Realtor’s Code of Ethics and Standards.

Zippy Scripts is organized into 8 panels

It’s fast.

From 0 to Zippy in 2 seconds flat!

Savvy delivers from whatever platform you drive.

Zippy Scripts is mobile and desktop enabled
Open any panel and all script titles unroll

Simply intelligent

Savvy is a breakthrough concept-the scripted negotiating system with AI natural language processing,

Systematically organized to train you to raise conversion flow, one stage at a time.

The Framework

Negotiations framework is modelled from principles of cognitive science and behavioral economics.

Select & play a zippy script

It’s time tested

Video Scripts that work are gold to your business. Consistently converting each prospect from one stage to the next can add 10’s of $1000’s to your annual income.


A perfect match

Savvy Ai’s 7 stages match exactly to your 7-stage Agent Service Plan (option).

First of it’s kind.

Real Estate’s first video scripted negotiating system.


Savvy Ai is a trademark of Ambassador Systems.

Savvy. Scripted Negotiating System.

Earn while you Learn


Over 300+ micro-videos

1 Simple Interface: No learning curve

Desktop. Mobile. Tablet.


  • 300+ Videos: strategies, scripts & tips.
  • Organized in a 7 stage pipeline, like your Agent Service Plan.
  • Play, read, say a script. 
  • Play back from over 25 actors.
  • 3 Roles: Agent / Client / Guide.
  • Works in the field or in the office.
  • Desktop. Mobile. Tablet.

Negotiating Frameworks

  • Savvy Negotiator Strategies
  • Messaging Mindset Strategies 
  • Conversations Strategies
  • Transaction Explainer Tips 

Script Types

  • Negotiating Scripts
  • Prospect Persuader Scripts 
  • Objection Handler Scripts 
  • Trainer Scripts


  • Lead scripts
  • Messaging framework scripts
  • Strategy framework scripts
  • Conversation scripts
  • Seller prospect scripts
  • Professional referral scripts
  • Cold call framework scripts
  • Agent-to-agent scripts
  • Explainer scripts
  • Callback scripts
  • Qualifier scripts 
  • Distressed homeowner scripts
  • Pre-list seller objection handler scripts
  • Client Meeting scripts
  • Buyer & Seller presentation scripts


  • Circle of Influence
  • Marketing client explainers
  • Buyer negotiations & purchase
  • Documents
  • Seller marketing & home prep
  • Seller Offers & negotiations
  • Escrow: files to include
  • Escrow: Buyer / Seller agent responsibilities
Why are scripts so important for real estate agents?

When we say “scripts”, most of us conjure up an image of feeling trapped by a telemarketer reading lines from a page. That’s what bad telemarketers do with bad scripts. 

Scripts are used in sales & negotiating because they offer a more consistent way to get results. Using scripts effectively enables two minds to quickly lock onto a conversation flow.

Simply put, scripts increase a sales professional’s income by increasing conversion rates. They’ve become a part of every professional’s tool chest because they increase conversions.

Sales professionals may use scripts verbatim until the words become their own. In real estate, this is a common practice. In real estate, there are so many scripts and situations that arise that can make or break your own success. 

What is Savvy?

Savvy is the first real estate scripted negotiating system.

What Agents really wanted was for us to create the very best scripts application, systemized for real estate agents. Savvy goes beyond scripts. It also has negotiating frameworks.

Savvy helps you to deliver higher dollar value negotiating value for your client systematically at each stage.

To deliver top level service and performance to your clients, agents require scripts. What Agents really wanted was for us to create the very best scripts application, systemized for the client’s journey. Savvy ai is the system that goes far beyond what is available today. 

To start, you need the key scripts in one place and you need them fast. 

There is no time to waste rehearsing and memorizing scripts when you’ve got a client to serve and a business to run. You need a comprehensive library of scripts, organized for real estate agents, in one place and you need them fast.  That’s Savvy.


Why is Savvy a scripted negotiating system?

Well Matched

Savvy is more than a library of well-organized scripts. It’s the first scripted negotiating system for real estate. Savvy helps you to systematically align and negotiate on your client’s behalf, stage for stage, with your Agent Service Plan. Together, they help you with what you say that converts pairs with what you do to serve.

How is it possible to use scripts for negotiations?

Savvy, AI, Scripts, & Science

Traditionally scripts have been created to get the point quickly for cold or warm lead conversion, or as objection handlers for helping clients overcome their concerns. These are essential and Savvy ai has them.

The highest value that an agent delivers to their clients is negotiating successfully for big dollars. Breakthroughs in cognitive science and principles of behavioral economics are used to create this library of science-based strategies to help you.

How does Savvy use AI?

AI doesn’t replace us. It helps us by providing better choices when spoken words are especially critical. 

Your mind works best when it’s properly primed. 

  • read a script,
  • say a script,
  • and practice a scripted dialogue.

Our first release of Savvy includes our patent pending AI multi-voice feature.

Pop in your earbuds, call up a script and listen. Pick your scripts and play them as conversations in AI natural language voices that you select.

Today, natural language AI is improving at a fast pace. Think Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Take advantage of this technology revolution.

Can Savvy be used for coaching?

Yes, Savvy may be used as a teaching aid or training tool. You may self-train or work with a partner. Choose a role (agent, client, opponent agent) and listen to the other party while you respond. Call your partner from your mobile while using Savvy.