Transparent Service & Referral System

for better lenders and better referrals

About Transparent Service

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Service System included together with Lender's Referral System >

You deliver the proof with the promise

Lenders systematically improve their client's performance when in sync with their agent.

Checklist builds a bridge of trust

Average loan broker's commission

$3,750 for a $250,000 home.

Source: Forbes Advisor (Commissions set by brokers).

Lenders with transparent service...

> Can show the service they deliver before clients choose.

> Reduce costly pitfalls that clients face.

> Avoid traps before they happen.

> Great service efficiently delivers more referrals.


Transparent lenders need a transparent plan for clients.

When small tasks carry large costs & risks, transparent checklists are essential.

Agent on Location

Loan Broker

NFL Head Coach

NFL Head Coach

Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Operating Room checklist

Operating Room

On the field of Play

QB on the field

Space-X Astronaut

Space-X Astronaut


Valued service that's visible.

Show the progress of your transaction.

Link to agent's HomeToHome Tracker.

Stay synced with your client.

Deliver informed advice.

Lender Finance Plan


Easy  to use.

  • At a glance, the Tracker shows the lender's progress.
  • Use Tracker to open the Lender's Finance Plan.
  • Messaging to/from client anywhere in the Plan.
  • Show what's been checked off and when.
  • Show what's next (green tasks).
  • Info tips on most tasks.
  • Customizable to each lender & client

Check "what's next" and check off "what's done. Show progress in the Tracker. Drop a message to your client.

How it Works

Agent Service Plan