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Agent with a Plan

Less Anxiety. The Proof with the Promise

Reduce anxiety, know what to expect and when. Work with the agent who delivers the proof with the promise, and who uses HomeToHome’s transparent Agent Service Plan

Agents use their customized HomeToHome Service Plan to demonstrate and deliver their value to you.

Simply follow your progress bar, or click to look deeper.

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What your Agent does. See an example Agent Service Plan.

Bridge the Trust Chasm

Negotiate by Stages

More Money. Negotiating is an art and a science.

HomeToHome provides a Playbook of negotiating strategies to help your agent get you the best price. Price Plays’ strategies calculate dollar value ranges.

HomeToHome‘s playbook of Price Plays saves $1000’s to 10’s of thousands.

New! Inside every HomeToHome

Price Plays™ : Art & Science of Negotiating

Price Plays has codified real estate negotiation, into 3 Stages of bite-sized strategies.
Negotiating Scenarios
Negotiating Scenarios
Negotiating Strategies
Negotiating Strategies
Art of Negotiation
Art of Negotiation
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science
Decision Formulas
Decision Formulas
Personal Toolbox
Personal Toolbox
Strong Negotiators are a Bargain

Library of Guides

No Regrets.

Use your free HomeToHome Guides and work more productively with your agent for a better understanding of the process.

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Your quest, your money, your call

Your free HomeToHome includes 9 Guides. Choose a Guide for your reference if you wish.

Know what to expect. Use HomeToHome with your agent to reduce anxiety.

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It’s your money. Don’t overpay or undersell. Use your HomeToHome with your agent to get your best results.

With HomeToHome, follow your agent’s & lender’s transparent, two-way professional Service Plans.


  • Personalized for you
  • Customized with your Zip Code
  • Price Negotiator: 3 Stages of strategies & tactics
  • 9 Complete Buy & Sell Guides
  • 18 Tools to help you save money at each stage
  • Agent Sponsor and Service Plan: To answer your real estate questions
  • Lender Sponsor and Finance Plan: To answer your finance questions
  • 2-Way Professional Service Plans: 450+ items in each
  • Help Guides and videos: over 400 color slides at your fingertips
  • A Collaboration Console: Track progress and communicate with agent / lender