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To collaborate transparently.

Home Buyers & Sellers: 4 Ways to Get Your HomeToHome™

Real Estate’s One & Only Price Negotiating System

It’s your money! Don’t overpay or undersell. Use your HomeToHome with your Agent.

Expect better service when you know what’s going on. With HomeToHome, you are collaborating using your Agent’s & Lender’s transparent, two-way professional Service Plans.

Receive a HomeToHome created and customized to you. Each HomeToHome “blueprints” the entire home buying & selling process as never before.

Your HomeToHome also includes an Agent and Lender sponsor to help.


  • Personalized for you
  • Customized with your Zip Code
  • Price Negotiator: 5 Stages of strategies & tactics
  • 9 Complete Buy & Sell Plans
  • 18 Tools to help you save money at each stage
  • Agent Sponsor and Service Plan: To answer your real estate questions
  • Lender Sponsor and Finance Plan: To answer your finance questions
  • 2-Way Professional Service Plans: 350+ items in each
  • Help Guides: over 400 color slides at your fingertips
  • A Collaboration Console: To quickly track progress

Market Insider

For those who want to go further, we offer Market Insider. It begins with your Market Insider Collaboration Console. Track and manage multiple agents and lenders, with multiple HomeToHomes! Market Insider is for the buyer or seller who is looking for methods and processes that go beyond. Receive advanced access to our Market Insider for off-market opportunities. Gain access to our video library and case studies.

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  • Collaboration Console for multiple HomeToHomes
  • Evaluate and work with multiple agents
  • Annual renewal
  • Professional tips and tricks
  • 4 week phone/email support
  • Market Insider access to Case Studies
  • Profitable methods are trade secrets to many professionals

Quick Search: over 1,000,000 Agents & Lenders

HomeToHome includes the one & only Price Negotiator™.

It’s high stakes. Small choices have large costs.

First, it’s how best to buy and sell homes. Then it’s which home to buy.

Financial freedom is certainty in knowing that you’ve created the largest measure of financial security in your largest transaction. HomeToHome is the one system you will need. Choose high value equity protection and diligent service for superior results. 

New! Inside every HomeToHome

Price Negotiator™ : Art & Science of Influencing Home Price

See the Difference Your Agent Makes at Each Stage

  • Stage 1. Agent Aptitude
  • Stage 2. Market Awareness
  • Stage 3. Market Alignment
  • Stage 4. Offer Acceptance
  • Stage 5. Home Acquisition
Price Negotiator has codified* real estate negotiation,
reduced to 5 Stages of bite-sized pieces.

How To Improve Your Price By $1,000’S-$10,000’S-$100,000’S.

Buying or selling a home successfully is the sum total of hundreds of small choices. Negotiate your choices with confidence now that you & your agent have a reference platform that you can follow.

Understand Value Profiles and you’ll see how and when to negotiate successfully. As your Agent works from one stage to the next, they negotiate Value Profiles to influence the home price further in your favor.

Price Negotiator is the one-of-a-kind system of strategies that you and your agent may reference at each stage-a formulation of  the art & science of negotiation derived from the genius of industry veterans, social scientists, and economists.

Search Powerful Strategies & Tactics to Maximize your Equity

This Section is for the Professional (Below)

Collaborate with all your Clients

Use Agent Ambassador to Collaborate on their HomeToHomes.

4 Options for Real Estate Professionals

Make it easy for your clients to fully appreciate your value. For the first time, collaborate with your clients using a complete real estate system to help people save more money.

Join the revolution. Replace substandard systems that hurt your clients. No more smoke and mirrors. At last, you have the framework on which to brand and build your unique service and set yourself apart.

  • Low monthly membership
  • No set-up fees and no annual commitment
  • Branded to you and customized to your service
  • Add lead and referral volume as your business grows
  • Simple interface to track business & client communique
  • Simple form to create custom HomeToHome application website in seconds

Agent Ambassador

With each Agent Ambassador membership, you get your professional branding on every HomeToHome that you create for your clients and prospects.

Your most important customization is your Agent Service Plan. This is your professional service offering to your clients.

We provide you with a great start: a complete up-to-date professional list of over 350 items with built-in help tips-ready for your customization.

Key FeaturesSilverGoldPlatinum
# HomeToHome’s/mo. (max)255075
# Buy/Sell Plans in each999
# of zip codes (Lead Option)135
# of lenders -max. (Ambassador Network Option)123
Price Negotiator Levelsilvergoldplatinum
Service Plan Templatesilvergoldplatinum
Set-up Cost $0.$0.$0.
Monthly Membership $25.$50.$75.

Does this ring true for you?

Brokerages face daunting challenges. National listing portals have reduced brokerages’ role in sourcing leads for their agents. Commission splits have been decimated and brand distinction becomes blurred. Agents are compelled to pay for their own lead sources. The result often leads to recruiting more agents with less training and oversight. Still, lead sources trump all. Here’s a lead source system that also supports your service brand together with agent compliance.

  1. agent compliance & training
  2. consistency of service
  3. lead source

When you offer a lead source to your agents, “Getting agents to use the tools” is not the issue. We offer a solution.


  • Agents pay for the system and brokerages benefit
  • Standardize your brokerage’s unique service offering
  • Built-in agent compliance standard
  • New agent training platform
  • Consumer facing platform with agent/broker branding
  • Improve consistency of service across your brand
  • Simple agent interface from all devices

Lender Ambassador

With each Lender Ambassador membership, you get your professional branding on every HomeToHome that you create for your clients and prospects.

Your most important customization is your Lender Finance Plan. This is your professional service offering to potential clients. Also, your membership enables Agents to connect to you, and you to them, creating your professional Ambassador network for one-click recommendations to new clients.

Key FeaturesSilverGoldPlatinum
HomeToHome’s /mo (max)255075
# Buy/Sell Plans in each999
# of agent-max. (Ambassador Network Option)32050
Lender Price Negotiator levelsilvergoldplatinum
Finance Plan templatesilvergoldplatinum
Set-up Cost $0.$0.$0.
Monthly Membership $25.$50.$75.

Affiliate Ambassador Program

HomeToHome is real estate’s quintessential system. It is also a comprehensive consumer advocacy program. Your affiliate services are invaluable to consumers,  as well as agents and lenders.

At last, you have the vehicle that you require and that home buyers and sellers will embrace to learn about your product offerings. Place your company’s valuable services and educational materials front and center where decisions are being made.


  • Every HomeToHome is a private 3 party website (client, agent, lender) cloud application.
  • Your service’s educational product information is included in each HomeToHome to support consumer education
  • Your product information displays within HomeToHome’s Escrow & Resources tool.
  • Your product website may optionally be included within our Agent Service Plan template.
  • Receive prime placement directly in the flow of pre and post decision
  • Gain the lower cost shared marketing benefit of a collective whole
  • Freely distribute your HomeToHomes to clients without any additional charge (included in your low monthly membership fee)

Select your System. Customize your Plan. Collaborate with your Clients.

Want the best way to demonstrate your value before they choose?

Systemize your Brand to demonstrate & deliver consistently greater value-every time. 

HomeToHome is the reference platform they need.

Benchmark your brand and leave the competition behind.

Without a reference platform, the public is at a loss to discern your value. They will choose what looks cheap, easy, or safe on the face, sacrificing high value equity protection and diligent service that leads to superior results. Allegiance deepens when clients understand and appreciate measurable results.

The Simple Truth about Real Estate

Real Estate is a people business, first and last. Paramount to success is to build trust more effectively. It is here – between agent and client – that your brand lives.

With Agent Ambassador, easily codify your brand to deliver consistently greater agent value. Your client experiences your extraordinary service. You feel it in the sense of purpose it inspires within you.

“Whether you think you can, or can’t – you’re right.”

–Henry Ford

Which camp are you in?

Reduce your Financial Risk when Buying or Selling a Home

Buying: Keep more money and pay less using Price Negotiator from the start, or Risk losing money and paying Market Price or higher when your agent negotiates only in one Stage.

Selling: Use Price Negotiator from the start to keep the highest return on your equity, or Price your home above the Market Price and risk losing equity in the Offer Acceptance Stage.

HomeToHome Plan

Easy-to-follow and built on best practices

Knowing how to choose a superb professional can make a huge difference in your life. Seeing is believing- avoid costly mistakes, and witness how a great agent makes you money. 

Price Negotiator   new

Negotiating home price is art as much as science. To help with this critical process, Price Negotiator has codified* real estate negotiation, reduced to 5 Stages of bite-sized pieces.

The Performance & Trust Building System for Real Estate

Increase Profit Opportunities and Reduce Risk with Better Choices.

Imagine any real estate transaction as a high-stakes poker game. It’s not winner-take-all, but it is a big numbers game. Know the rules of play. Whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, we provide the framework and the tools to make superior choices. Carefully choose the professionals to help on your side, together with their unique Service Plan and Finance Plan. Use HomeToHome to capture more value at each step.

Expertise & Collaboration: 33 Ways to Build Trust and Perform Better.

Real estate is a people business and a face-to-face service profession. Well placed trust can be very profitable. There’s too much at stake, too much to know, and essential decisions that build to a successful finish. Choosing an agent or lender from a home listing site is a dubious approach. That is why we created the first complete platform for you-with tools to choose better and collaborate more effectively with professionals that serve you. Evaluate the experts that you need and build trust together.

Saving Time Without Building a Trusted Relationship Is Wasted Time.

When making complex decisions, we perform best when we have expertise that we can measure, trust and rely upon. Without it, how can we compete against those who have it? Here at last is the tech you need to achieve that; a common framework to build trust more quickly so you can apply professional expertise where it really counts. A private, one-on-one application created solely for you to establish & build trusting relationships that perform in real estate – more effectively and more profitably – from start to finish; it’s called HomeToHome, from Ambassador Systems.

See Ahead

See how to read the market, maximize your sales price, and capture more value in your purchase.
Successful People
Begin with a successful plan. Choose from 9 powerful easy-to-follow Buy/Sell Plans.

Plan Ahead

Build your wealth when you sell and buy right. Save money when you optimize your transaction.
Build Trust
Go forward with confidence while you follow your Agent’s & Lender’s Plans.

Get Ahead

Get ahead of the market with your confidential HomeToHome. Capture more value at each step.
Entire End-To-End Process
You get real numbers & real service plans you can first evaluate and then increase your wealth.