Big Data at a Tiny Price

$9/week for 9 Lists

9 Agent Limit per Zippy Code.    9 day Money-Back Guarantee.

*All of our data is organic. We use only public domain data.  

Complete Set of Prospecting Lists

Comprehensive & Cost-effective

Big Data: Right People. Right Time. Right Message.

That’s Big Data. That’s how you connect with prospects.

Big data is expensive

Big Data is here to stay. It’s that important to build your business. And that’s why agents pay dearly for 3rd party leads. Companies who have the Big Data in your Geo Farm so they can generate leads to sell back to you.

Let’s change that

Take a moment and imagine if you owned Big Data for your geo farm.

How would that change your business?

What if you could get affordable, up-to-date Big Data for your geo farm? And a simple way to make leads when you need them. 

With ZippyLists, you have a ready-made edge in your geo farm. Get in front. Act swiftly as opportunities arise.


Create Your Prospect’s Buying Vision First

Follow Up with your HomeToHome to Build Credibility Quickly

Your ZippyLists puts you in front. Stay there with your HomeToHome when you create their sell/buy vision before other agents.

According to Forrester Research, 74% of decision makers (your prospects) go with the company that establishes the buying vision. In other words, they work with those that help them clarify their need and show them how to get there. That is how you will win the business in your competitive geo farm.

Get 9 Lists with each ZippyList

Your Geo FarmArea Affiliates
Residents: name address phone email mobile (when available)Business Name, category, contact
  • Circle Dial new listing/just sold
  • Family Law
  • Neighborhood open houses
  • Probate Attorneys
  • Expired Calls
  • Contractors
  • FSBO
  • CPA/Tax Prep
  • Pre-foreclosure / NOD
*Disclaimer: We work hard for you to deliver the most complete and up-to-date information. We strive to exceed 70-80% for accuracy and completeness. List sets are typically between 5,000 and 20,000 contacts per zip code. Results may vary by region.
Receive New Lists every week. Collect your entire geo-farm in 3 months.

Low Risk

$9/wk* for 9 Lists. 9 day Money-back Guarantee.

*Billed monthly ($38/mo. for each zip code) 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly provide you a full refund within the first 9 days. Cancel anytime.

Quality first. Sorry only 9 agents per zip code. Please, only active licensed agents, brokers, or lenders. New subscribers get preference on wait lists.

Terms. Billed monthly. There are no partial refunds. New subscribers get preference on wait lists. Receive New Lists every week. Your complete set is refreshed every 3 months.


Let’s Compare the Competition


Subscriptions Services

Data List Services

Zippy Lists

SpeedSlow. 1 to 5 mins./record.Fast. Entire neighborhoods or name look-up.Fast. Entire neighborhoods or name look-up.
Content: recordName, address, phoneName, address, phone, mobileName, address, phone, mobile, email

Name, phone, website, URL (affiliate)

Cost$59 to $177/mo12 to 20 cents per record. One time purchase.Less than 1 cent per record. Refreshed every 3 months.
CoverageResidential, FSBO, ExpiredResidentialResidential, FSBO, Pre-foreclosure / NOD, Local Affiliate companies


Weekly updates

Each week, you receive a new list. Lists are delivered to your personal Google Sheets, organized in tabbed and labelled pages for simple access. Export your lists as CSV files (comma separated values).


Versatile CSV files

CSV files are ideal because you can open them in Google Sheets (free) or Microsoft Excel to sort your records quickly. CSV files are also universally used for importing contacts into your contact database (such as Google or Apple Contacts) or your CRM (Client Relationship Management).


Use with your CRM or mobile

Putting your Zippy List in your contact database gives you the an additional edge in two ways:

  • answer phone calls from your Geo Farm prospects with caller ID
  • look up prospects while you’re in the field.

Whether door knocking, networking, or leaving messages when circle dialing, your Zippy List is invaluable.

Zippy Lists Delivered

Accepting Reservations Now 

Reservations are fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. There is no obligation to fulfill your reservation when we contact you. However, unfilled reservations forfeit priority.

Zippy Lists Reservation Request

  • You may request multiple zip codes. eg. 92101, 94303, etc. We will process them as availability permits.
  • We will contact you as soon as your Zippy List becomes available.

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Establish your Prospect’s Buying Vision First

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