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Monkey Business

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9 Ways to Buy  & Sell


How to Sell Your Home


How to Buy Your Home. The Complete Guide

The Guide to Refinance Your Home


The Guide to Buy a Vacation Home


Your First Home - the American Dream


An Investor's Guide to Buy & Hold


Investor Flip - The Complete System


To Rent or Buy - The Complete Guide


The Guide to Sell & Buy Your Next Home


Video Guide of Tips, Cautionary Tales & Strategies

Play to win

Stakes are high. Without a better understanding, it’s gambling. With each move, 10’s of $1,000s of your money can swing either way.

Fantastical agents and where to find them

Spot talent. Use your Home Secrets and your Agent’s Transparent Service Plan that is. It’s the proof with the promise.

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Complex comparisons.

Simply put.

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