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Valued Agent Qualities

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6 agent qualities that influence your home’s price

Strategically choose your Agent with this Agent Selection Guide.

Client Preparation: Educate client for each stage, strategically prepare clients.

Market Alignment: Align client to inventory, pricing, timing, and opportunity.

Property/Purchaser Acquisition: Identify best properties/buyers for client’s needs.

Negotiation: Maximize value for client: negotiate & execute purchase.

Vendor Management: Coordinate inspectors, appraisers, lenders, contractors, etc.

Integrity: Orchestrate all elements of a purchase agreement to protect client’s interests.

($) Client Preparation
($) Market Alignment
($) Property/Purchaser Acquisition
($) Negotiation
($) Vendor Management
($) Integrity

6 key factors that effect a home’s market value

Home Profile reflects property characteristics, the seller’s timing & motivation, and the market.

Home condition : Size, location, age, structural integrity, upgrades, staging, curb appeal

Market Conditions : Comparables: active, pending, recently sold. Local economy

Marketing : Price strategy, media creation, target buyer type, advertising campaigns

Market Timing/Buyer Pool : Maximize demand of qualified buyers

Seller Position : Timing, motivation, & equity position

Title condition : Clean, encumbered, restrictions, CC&R’s, liens, etc.

($) Home condition
($) Market Conditions
($) Marketing
($) Market Timing/Buyer Pool
($) Seller Position
($) Title condition

Your value profile: 6 key factors that effect your home’s price

The 6 factors of Buyer or Seller “readiness” qualifies the client’s motivation to act. A strong buyer is more attractive to a seller. They’re more likely to close the sale on the home. Similarly, a strong seller is ready & aligned with the market.

Representing Agent: Expertise, competence and integrity

Home: Expectations, location, condition, and list price

Finances: Loan(s), cash position, equity, tax considerations

Motivation: Readiness and desire to execute

Execution: Client’s ability to cooperate with trust and honesty

Credit: Client’s understanding of significance, qualification process, and true cost of credit

($) Agent
($) Home
($) Finances
($) Motivation
($) Execution
($) Credit

4 key factors define the home’s price profile

Your Agent uses the Home’s Profile to influence value. The Sold Price is negotiated between the Buyer & Seller.

The List Price is the advertised price of a home. It should not be confused with a Market Price or Sold Price.

The Home’s Market Price is the expected sales price of what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay.

The Home’s Appraised Value, conducted by an independent professional on the Lender’s behalf, may affect the buyer’s ability to purchase.

The Home’s Sold Price is the negotiated price that the seller is willing to accept and a buyer will pay.

($) List Price 70% correlation (est.)
($) Market Price 90% correlation (est.)
($) Appraised Value 80% correlation (est.)
($) Sold Price 100% correlation (est.)

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