The Guide to

Refinancing Your Home

How to Minimize Your Home’s Financing Costs

With the Guide to Refinance Your Home, consider these options:

  • reduce interest rates or monthly payments,
  • or cash out some of your home’s equity.

Weigh this against the cost of refinancing your loan. Does it make sense? Is it better to set up a line of credit? The up front costs are very different. The array of choices for either financing your home or refinancing gives you more options than ever.

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The guide to refinance your home

Which camp are you in?

Protect Your Equity! Reduce your Financial Risk when Buying or Selling a Home

Selling: Use Price Negotiator through all 5 Stages to keep the highest return on your equity.

Buying: Keep more money and pay less using Price Negotiator from the start.

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18 Collaborative Tools Included

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Collaboration Console: One-click to all your resources, messages, & activity