Agent's Transparent Service System & Referrals

Perfect your client service. Reduce risk. Receive referrals.

Strong Negotiators are a Bargain

Great service is a work of art.

Easy to Use

> Check "what's next" and check off "what's done.

 > Show progress in the Tracker.

> Drop a message to your client.

How it Works - The Plan

Make it easy for clients to follow you.

Open the Demo Plan. Click the blue bar (top of this page).

 1.  Client's check your Progress Bar at a glance.
2.  Open & unfold your client's Plan from your Progress Bar.
3.  Show "what’s done" and "what’s next" by color.
4.  Drop a message to your client or get one.
Agent Service Plan

Great service delivers more referrals.

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Valued service that's visible.

Show the progress of your transaction.

Link to lender's Finance Plan.

Stay synced with your client.

Deliver informed advice.

Agent Service Plan

Agent and Client Service Plan

Easy  to use.

Progress at a glance.

Messaging to/from client within the Plan.

Show what's been checked off and when.

Show what's next (green tasks).

Info tips on most tasks.

Customizable to each client.

With your Service Plan, they see your vital role.

When small tasks carry large costs & risks, expert checklists are an essential part of the plan.

Agent on Location

Agent on Location

NFL Head Coach

NFL Head Coach

Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Operating Room checklist

Operating Room

On the field of Play

QB on the field

Space-X Astronaut

Space-X Astronaut

Agents systematically improve

The agent's service system is the collective expertise of thousands of negotiated transactions.

Checklist builds a bridge of trust

Consider this

Average agents' commission (both sides)

$13,500 for a $250,000 home.

National Association of Realtors. (Commissions set by brokers).

Agents with transparent service...

> Can show the service they deliver to their clients.

> Reduce costly pitfalls that clients face.

> Avoid traps before they happen.

Note: The Transparent Service Plan is not a binding electronic document of record under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). It is a collaborative tool.