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Do I need HomeToHome to buy or sell a house?

No, but here is an excellent way to tilt the odds in your favor. Among pivotal financial and lifestyle events in our lives, buying and selling your home would be an excellent time to do it well. The dividends are tremendous and the downsides lasting. Even the most experienced agents and veteran homeowners benefit from using HomeToHome.

Will HomeToHome help me find a house?

Yes. HomeToHome is not a home listing site; better yet, it provides you with home finding Price Play strategies to find values where others aren’t looking. It also includes Price Plays to maximize the strengths of various listing sites, and evaluate home values more accurately.

Will HomeToHome help me find a savvy agent?

Yes, it’s designed specifically to do just that, to help you pick a top service agent that is also a savvy negotiator. We work diligently to help you here. Many people pick the listing agent or somebody they know and like but do not know their level of competency (ouch). HomeToHome offers you an intelligent alternative.

Why don’t I just pick the listing agent from the house website to help me buy that home?

You may have heard that picking the listing agent is a good idea because you can save money. Not true, that is a risky exception and not the norm. You may have heard that it’s the only way to make sure you’re the buyer of choice if there is more than one serious buyer. Instead, having a savvy buyer’s agent representing you is your best bet to cover all scenarios. HomeToHome helps you to identify that agent you’ll need to buy the home you want.

Why do I need HomeToHome? How does it help me?

When you buy or sell a home (or both together), it’s a process composed of many events, large and small, to make or lose money. It is a negotiating process so having a savvy negotiator on your side is a big advantage. Use your HomeToHome as a resource to improve your results at every step. Any one of HomeToHome’s many strategies may help you save thousands or tens of $1000’s.

What are the odds that I may need HomeToHome in the middle of my transaction?

There are also too many possibilities to unknowingly lose money or be cheated. Use your HomeToHome to help you track what’s happening along the way. Avoid these costly pitfalls and even turn them into opportunities. Both you and your agent together will gain valuable clarity.

What is HomeToHome?

HomeToHome is a guide with 9 Playbooks of strategies and tools to help you and your agent elevate your outcome. You may select relevant strategies as you go. 

With its patented Tracker, HomeToHome offers a simple way to track the progress of your agent and lender. You can see progress at a glance or open a stage to see the detailed tasks. It’s easy to send and receive messages about any task to your agent or lender.

There are many decisions and choices you will make – whether it’s understanding how to choose a new home, how much to pay, what offer to accept when selling, or how to plan your purchase and financing. HomeToHome includes 18 tools to help clarify your decisions.

What is the difference between the free version and the premium HomeToHome?

The premium version of HomeToHome includes 9 Playbooks of Price Play strategies. 

Both versions include:

  • a suite of 18 tools to help clarify complex choices.
  • the HomeToHome Tracker to follow your (member) agent’s progress. 
  • your lender’s Finance Tracker.
Does HomeToHome work on my smartphone?

Yes, it does. Unlike most other full-featured real estate applications, you can use your HomeToHome on desktop, iphone, or tablets.

How do I work with my agent or lender?

Have your agent send you a HomeToHome that contains their custom Service Plan. If your agent is not already a member, they can sign up for a nominal monthly fee.

You will receive an email from us with your Agent’s (or Lender’s) HomeToHome. Open the email, click on the link and set your password. You are now connected to your agent or lender through their Service Plan.

I’ve bought a few homes. What does HomeToHome do for me?

When small tasks carry large costs & risks, transparent checklists are essential. An agent should have a checklist for you. Witness your agent’s service. Follow the progress of your transaction. Make better informed choices.

For the premium version, Playbooks of strategies are included. Like chess, with more strategies, you and your agent stay moves ahead of your opponent.

With 18 tools, bring clarity to your complex decisions.

Where should I place my trust?

It’s easy to misplace trust when you don’t have enough information. It’s also easy to misplace trust in those who may not be as well informed or as competent as you need them to be. HomeToHome is collaborative to help you and your agent to work together with better visibility and better up-to-the-minute information. Look to place trust where it’s earned-by meeting and exceeding expectations, especially when putting your interests first.

Does HomeToHome only work in California?

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, California ranks in the top 3 of difficulty. HomeToHome’s agent service plan templates are designed with this in mind. Every state has it’s own specific sets of forms, some of which may be different. (We are working to cover these differences). The tools we provide you are universal (except the Escrow Tool. A few states do not use escrow accounts to manage property and funds transfer). The negotatiating principles apply when the opportunity arises. Some agent Price Plays may be procedurally different because of local customs.

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