By far, the most important way to brand your HomeToHome is by customizing your Agent Service Plan. Think of your Service Plan as your brand’s DNA. Many agents prefer to hide proprietary portions of their Service Plan. Only when they are working with their client do they reveal these portions on an “as needed basis”. 

Your Agent Profile is the second way. As with most profiles, simply fill out your form with your current business information. These fields make it easy for your clients to contact you in the way that best suits. Whenever they sign in to their branded HomeToHome, they see your profile. Also, all of you past clients’ HomeToHomes have your updated profile. It’s automatic.

The third way is Agent Search. Make your profile visible on our public search engine so that new prospects can find you easily. Your profile is placed in the zip code(s) that you wish to service. When a prospect selects your profile, a HomeToHome is created, branded and connected to you exclusively.

The final way you brand is by your Price Play strategies that you have. Whether you have published or purchased Price Plays, your prospective clients will want to know about your negotiating savvy.