Primarily, Lender Ambassador is a professional level complete collaborative service system that lenders use transparently with clients. You create Home To Homes for your clients. Each one, branded to you contains your Lender’s Finance Service Plan and Lender Profile. Home To Home also contains 18 collaborative tools to help your client.

It is also a referral network and a negotiating system.

Lender Ambassador offers a way to customize and deliver a lender’s branded service. (Your Finance Plan is like the DNA of your business). What you do for your client and how you do it is where your brand lives.

Service and performance are so important to your clients. So, Lender Ambassador helps you to promote that distinction so you can attract future clients. Enter the Ambassador Referral Network. Our referral network recognizes and rewards better service and better performance.

A core part of your business is connecting to new clients through agents. Build up your Network of Agents. Each time an agent in your network names you in a HomeToHome, you’re the lender inside HomeToHome.