When we say “scripts”, most of us conjure up an image of feeling trapped by a  telemarketer reading lines from a page. It’s true this is a common method but also creates a common misconception about their value. Using scripts effectively enables two minds to quickly lock on to a conversation flow.

Simply put, scripts increase a sales professional’s income by increasing conversion rates. For this reason, scripts have been used in sales for a long time. They’ve become a part of every professional’s tool chest because they increase conversions.

However, what most of us don’t realize is that scripting, like conversation, is as much about what you hear than what you say. Scripts help two people to understand each other’s aims more effectively. Scripts help to effectively achieve alignment. 

Some sales professionals use scripts verbatim until the words become their own. In real estate, this is a common practice. That’s because there are so many scripts and situations that arise that can make or break your own success. That’s why there are books of scripts, countless PDF’s, coaches and training courses for using scripts….

…before Zippy Scripts came along, that is.

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