1) When do you plan to move? _____________________________

2) Do you currently rent or own your home? ___________________

3) If you do own your current home, would you like to sell your home first?
(a) Sell first (b) Buy first (c) Investment (d) Vacation Home.

Address of Property to Sell _______________________________________________

Moving in or moving out of area? IN _____ OUT______

4) Have you contacted a lender to get loan or purchase pre-approval? _____________

5) If so, has a lender provided you with a pre-approval amount to work with? _________

6) In which areas or communities are you interested in finding your next home?


7) Please fill out the fields below for the type of home or property that you are seeking:

Style (Property Type) ____________________________________________________

i.e. Single Family Home, Condo, Townhome, etc.
Maximum Price ________________________________________________________
Specific Property of Interest________________________________________________
City or Community _____________________________________________________



Zip Code ____________________________________________________________

Maximum Age of Home_________________________________________________
Minimum Square Feet of Home___________________________________________
Minimum Lot Size______________________________________________________
Minimum # of Beds ____________ Minimum # of Baths ___________________
Pool ___________________ School District ________________________________
Keywords for Search ___________________________________________________
Notes / Special Requests _________________________________________________


See you soon!