Can I access my Zippy Lists without being logged in to Google?

You must be signed in to your Google account to access your Zippy Lists. You do not need to have a “Gmail” account, just a Google sign-in. Please be sure to use the email address that [...]

Does HomeToHome only work in California?

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, California ranks in the top 3 of difficulty. HomeToHome’s agent service plan templates are designed with this in mind. Every state has [...]

Can I just use the Finance Plan one time only?

Yes, of course. The best and lowest cost way to do this is to sign up for the Silver Lender Ambassador, create your Finance Plan user with your client until the completion of your client service [...]

How do I receive my referrals?

Receive your referrals automatically in your Lender Console. A HometoHome account link that is branded to you will be emailed to your new client. An email sent to you with their contact [...]

What kinds of leads or referrals can I get?

There are a number of ways and types of leads you may receive.  Receive leads from your social media pages and website, Receive professional recommendations, Receive past client referrals, and [...]

Can I change my membership level up or down?

Yes, you’re free to change your membership level at any time. Your billing occurs once a month based on your sign-up. Changing membership levels effects the following: Monthly membership [...]

How many ways can I brand my HomeToHome?

By far, the most important way to brand your HomeToHome is by customizing your Lender Finance Plan. Think of your Finance Plan as your brand’s DNA. Many Lenders prefer to hide proprietary [...]

How do I customize my Finance Plan the way that I want it?

Every HomeToHome that you create for your clients inserts a copy of your Master Finance Plan for each Client’s Finance Plan. When you modify your Master Plan, all your future Finance Plans [...]

How do I get started using my Finance Plan with my prospects and clients?

Each HomeToHome that you create for your client is branded with your Lender Finance Plan and your Lender Profile. Lender Ambassador comes with a Master template Finance Plan so you don’t need to [...]

As a new Lender Ambassador member, do I have to create my own Finance Plan?

No, you do not. When you sign up, Lender Ambassador comes with your Lender Finance Plan template of over 350 items to cover a wide range of clients’ needs. This Plan Template is called your [...]