AI evolution of the spoken word. Scripts that learn.

When delivering scripts, it’s paramount to your success that your mind is properly primed. To prime your mind, you can:

  • read a script,
  • say a script,
  • and practice a scripted dialogue.

What can artificial intelligence possibly add to this distinctly human endeavor? In our brains, the neural pathways for language are different for listening than they are from reading. Now you’re prepped in more ways as use yours as scripts.

Our first release of Zippy Scripts AI includes our patent pending AI multi-voice feature.

Pop in your earbuds, call up a Zippy Script and now you really can hear voices in your head. Pick your scripts and play them as conversations in AI natural language voices that you select.

The notion of artificial intelligence may cause us to scoff, but we mustn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. One of the most broadly accepted uses of AI today is natural language; machines that learn to speak more naturally and to understand what you’re asking of them.

Today, natural language AI is improving at an unprecedented feverish pace. Think Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. How can you take advantage of this technology revolution? Zippy Scripts is the one real estate agent’s application that puts this tech right where you need it.

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